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Grade Level Calendar Page
When you first click on a grade level below, you will see a pacing guide. This guide is based on the Common Core standards. Click on a Unit title and discover the resources!

Overview and Standards

This section provides links/notes/ideas for the upcoming unit, as well as a Unit at a Glance section, and a list of Common Core Standards addressed, including the unpacking document.

Planning Differentiation
This section provides ideas for students who struggle and show mastery. It describes behavior you may observe, resources to address these behaviors, and how to use them.

Planning Each Investigation and Ten Minute Math/Classroom Routines
Check out notes/resources/links for each investigation, as well as notes/resources for each TMM/CR, including which CCSS are addressed.

Teaching Standards for Math Practice

Increasing accountable talk is the goal for ALL students in our district.
Ideas for focusing on SMP 3 and 6 are housed here, words you should hear in conversation, and resources/links for how to build mathematically proficient students through other SMPs. This includes links to the SMP posters.
Assessing Student Understanding
Need ideas for assessing students? This section provides resources/links with teaching suggestions, as well as exit ticket ideas with CCSS linked to them.

Digital Resources
Check out interactive student resources, digital resources for teachers, and printable resources for each unit. These include links to videos, tasks, games, etc., along with suggestions for use and which CCSS are addressed.

Professional Learning for Teachers

Teachers are lifelong learners.  This section is dedicated to supporting teachers as they continue to grow professionally. Access activities to try for each investigation, as well as ideas for discussion with your team/PLC.
Teacher to Teacher Files
Here you will find links to supporting documents, power points, Smart Board files and more!  We've gathered the best resources from teachers and put them all in one convenient place!

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BEST of the BEST!
Below are quick links to math sites EVERY mathematics educator should have bookmarked.
  • Illuminations This site was developed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and provides lessons, online games and more!
  • Famous author and mathematics educator creates an innovative new math website- click Greg Tang for access!
  • Every 3-5 teacher should access the following for information on Next Generation Assessments and to provide students ONLINE Practice with National Common Core Assessment items:  Smarter Balanced and PARCC
  • Achieve the Core provides tasks and assessments, lessons, overviews of each grade level, materials that show how Common Core is different than previous math standards, as well as PD activities, PPTs, etc.

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