Elementary Mathematics

Celebrating Teachers

Danielle Chubb is a 3rd grade teacher at Piney Grove elementary, and she loves teaching math Investigations. She's worked extra hard to differentiate for her students during math block this year. When you walk in her room, there are always ten different things going on, and she handles it well. Mrs. Chubb always helps her teammates with math questions and planning, takes on many responsibilities, and doesn't complain. She spends countless hours planning math, has fantastic anchor charts for her students, and always encourages use of manipulatives, etc. Danielle has also taken on the responsibility of giving her school Dreambox PD, because she has done such a wonderful job implementing it. She saw it as a great way to differentiate and engage students. She's done this, all while getting her master's degree early. Danielle is all for doing whatever her kids need and they love being in her class.

We celebrate Charon Davis for her commitment to the students and staff at Lansdowne Elementary. She attended the Kathy Richardson assessment training this summer and has proven to be a champion in the building for supporting her teammates with the materials. We are so glad to have committed teachers who believe in the work they are doing and developing a supportive professional culture.

Ms. Suchacheski is on fire for teaching at
Mountain Island Elementary! She creates a culture in your room that promote student thinking and collaboration. She believes that every child can and will be successful and her children do not disappoint. “She is a joy to work with” says Ms. Puckett, her math facilitator.

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