Elementary Mathematics

1st Grade Units 2 & 9 Teaching Standards for Math Practice

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Standards for Mathematical Practice
(behaviors of mathematically proficient students)

Building the Language of Mathematics

Increasing accountable talk is the goal for ALL students in our district.

The following activities are provided to help ensure your students are engaging in mathematical conversations that address SMP 3 (Construct Viable Arguments) and SMP 6 (Attend to Precision) 

Words you should hear students use in mathematical conversations:
triangle, rectangle, square, circle, attributes, corner (vertex), cube, side

Throughout the unit, create index cards as you hear students use attributes to describe shapes (4 sides, straight lines) etc.   After several lessons, hold up 2 of the cards and say, “Turn and talk to your partner, describe a shape using these two attributes”.  Continue this periodically throughout the unit to ensure students are engaging in mathematical conversations and attending to precision in communication.

Building Mathematically Proficient Students

SMP 7:  Look for and Make Use of Structure

At the end of session 1.6, show students 2 different ways to fill the shapes (like the colored example on page 50).  Ask, “Why did it take 12 blocks to fill the first picture, but only 9 blocks for the 2nd picture?”  The goal is to get students to see relationships in the number of blocks. For example, students might say, “The hexagon took the place of 3 triangles and a trapezoid, so that took 4 blocks away”.  This discuss will allow students to move deeper into SMP 7 as they look for the numeric relationships between pattern blocks.