Elementary Mathematics

Kathy Richardson Assessment 1: Counting Objects

 Sample Videos
Watch these 3 videos.  Notice how the student keeps track when he counts, and how/if he reacts to his estimate.  *Although the student talks quietly he correctly says the rote counting sequence in each video.
Counting 32
Counting 21
Counting 12
Counting Objects Video 1
Counting Objects Video 2
How to Interpret the Data

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 Key Stations
For each assessment, we've identified 4 stations we suggest teachers use in response to student needs.  Click here for details!

 Shape Puzzles
How Long Is It?
Grab a Handful
Sorting Shape Puzzles

  The Indicators for Counting a Pile:
      *See p. 17 in the blue book for more detail.

Meaning for this part of the Assessment
 Knows the rote counting sequence, is able to keep track of counters with ease, remembers what was counted, but does NOT line up counters first.
 Keeps track with ease, but leaves out a number in rote counting, OR forgets                  how many counted.
Counts and recounts to find out how many OR loses track and is off by 1 or 2, or keeps track with difficulty.
             Is unable to keep track of what                        they counted

Is unable to count 
 Not applicable for this assessment
The Indicators for Making a Pile
See pages 17-18 in the blue book for more detail

Meaning for this part of the Assessment
Counts out the quantity asked for with ease and accuracy
Counts past the quantity asked for but self-corrects
Thinks has counted out the requested number but makes an error, such as leaving out a number or losing track of an object
             Counts past the number asked for but doesn't notice

Not applicable for this assessment
 Not applicable for this assessment
                                Key to colors in the online reports:
Green =
Ready to Apply
Yellow = Where the student is working
Blue = Where the student needs Instruction
Red = Needs Prerequisite
                                  Connections to Investigations Instruction
The Counting Jar

Teachers may want to consider having more than one counting jar.  Use your data to determine how many items students can count independently.  Assign students to the appropriate jar based on your Counting Assessment data.