Elementary Mathematics

Using the Ipad to Assess

Tips for using the iPad
Are you having trouble using your iPad for these assessments? 
After clicking "Start Assessment", look at the top, right hand corner of the screen. If it has a red dot and says "Demo", this means you are in demo mode.

Click on the gray gear icon, located near the top, left side of the screen. Switch to "Live Mode" (left side, middle of the screen-where it says Application Mode) and you should be able to see your students and everything should function correctly
Some of you may have logged in using "demo" as a password and ID in the past. This feature has been disabled, since we all have access to the system now. Since you can no longer login using "demo" as a password, you can switch Live Mode back to Demo Mode, if you wish to practice with assessments before using them, etc. This is great for PLCs, as well as practicing with real students, if you don't feel 100% comfortable with the assessments yet.
See the picture below for clarification. *Note-The gray gear icon turns blue when you click on it.
This link will show you where to look, if you're still having trouble.

Change from Demo Mode to Live Mode!

In order to do this, click on the gray "Gear Icon". It will turn blue once you click on it.

You will most likely be on the "Home Icon" by default.
If you are in demo mode, the red light will be on.

If you are in Live Mode, it will be green.