Elementary Mathematics

Kathy Richardson's Assessing Math Concepts

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We've added support pages that include:

- Tips on how to interpret the data
- Key stations to use after assessing students
- Sample Videos
- In depth explanations of the indicators

Assessment 1- Counting Objects
Assessment 4- Number Arrangements
Assessment 5- Combination Trains
Assessment 6- Hiding Assessment

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Assessment 1- Counting Objects
Assessment 2- Changing Numbers
Assessment 3- More/Less Trains
Assessment 4- Number Arrangements
Assessment 5- Combination Trains 
Assessment 6- Hiding Assessment
Assessment 7- Ten Frames
Assessment 8- Grouping Tens
Assessment 9- Two-Digit Addition and Subtraction

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Use the checklists below to progress monitor
 Student Checklist Phase 1
 Sample Student Checklist Phase 1
 Student Checklist Phase 2  Number Relationships
 Student Checklist Phase 3
 Addition and Subtraction
 Student Checklist Phase 4
 Place Value- Tens and Ones
 Student Checklist Phase 5
 Place Value- Hundreds, Ten, Ones with Extensions to Thousands
 Student Checklist Phase 6
 Multiplication and Division

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